Bro. Henry Anthony Ibrahim said some words in the beginning of the Funeral Mass as follows:

In Memory of Brother Wladimir:

Brother Wladimir was the very definition of FIC Brother Brotherhood; "We live in this world as human beings, together with all other human beings. Just like everyone else we Wish to make the best we can of our lives. Just like everyone else we ask for the deepest and most perfect happiness." Art 1 of FIC Constitutions.

He loved all people especially the poor and marginalized people. He took his privileges, his sufferings, his education, and his own natural abilities and turned each of them into good for everyone else. In the eyes of Brother Wladimir we were equal before God. He had the grace to look into the hearts of people and realized that they we are all the same in our needs, in our aspirations, in our hopes, and our desire for love and human development - whatever might limit our capacities to express them. In his life he demonstrated to us that in our vocation we are called to be brothers to all people, to be good and to do good.

Bro. Henk was a model for brothers, he helped us to grasp the meaning of true brotherhood. He had natural love for the most forgotten-the handicapped, the orphaned, the Deaf and Dumb, the challenged and the poor--and brought all them into the warmth of his heart and the goals of his life. He lived life lively and he stayed involved in its deepest aspirations until the very end, we will forever remember his positive influence.

Bro. Henk was the kind of bright candle shining among his fellow brothers. We feared to be left in darkness at his passing. Instead, we are discovering that he went through life lighting other candles along the way, helping us to see our vocation in the right perspective. He dispelled darkness; our doubts and fears wherever he went and left all of us more confident as we face a future that is unknown.

The only tribute worthy of Bro. Henk van Heck is that we go on lighting up the world in his name, in his memory, with his same passion.

It was our privilege to be his Brothers for so many years, to have been in his presence. We will forever remember Br Wladimir, May his Soul rest in Peace!

Brothers FIC